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Development of the Sustainable Gaming Standard PDF Print E-mail
The objective of the ANSI-approved Sustainable Gaming Standard is to establish a comprehensive framework and common set of sustainability metrics for the environmental, social, and economic performance of the gaming industry, including the entire supply chain and delivery chain for gaming products and services, as well as the operations of the gaming companies and organizations themselves. It will provide a set of metrics that encourages continuous improvement of the environmental, social, and economic sustainability performance of gaming at all levels of the supply chain. The standard addresses gaming equipment such as slot machines and work through the entire scope described.

Need for the Standard
The need for the Sustainable Gaming Standard is to facilitate the growth of sustainability throughout the industry’s supply chain and delivery chain. This standard provides guidance to all participants in this market on how they can increase sustainability as well to provide metrics that allow them to measure their sustainability performance. Also, the standard makes it easy for sellers to communicate the sustainability of the products they produce and deliver to buyers, as well as to make it easy for buyers to specify and identify the sustainability of the products they wish to purchase from sellers.

Process Stakeholders
  • Slot machine manufacturers
  • Gaming equipment component manufacturers
  • Gaming equipment suppliers and distributors
  • Electricity/energy providers
  • Casino and cruise ship operators
  • End users
  • Environmental organizations
  • Government representatives
  • Consumer groups
  • Labor groups
  • Native American affairs groups
  • Other interested parties
Important Dates
  • ANSI approves the Sustainable Gaming Standard as an American National Standard on September 15, 2011.
  • Standards Committee selected: March 16, 2009
  • ANSI Standard Development Process Announced (PINS): November 14, 2008
  • Other important dates are viewable on the Sustainable Gaming Standard project calendar.
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