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The American National Standard (ANSI/LEO-5000) for Emissions Inventories, Offsets and Reduction Credits PDF Print E-mail

objective of the Emissions Inventories, Reduction Credits and Offsets Standard is to provide an integrated, open and transparent framework for quantifying and documenting emission inventories, offsets, reduction credits, TAGs (tradeable emission reduction certificates and sequestration certificates) and other market mechanisms for recognizing emissions and emission reductions for businesses, organizations, projects and individuals. Need for this Standard
Other broadly applicable standards and protocols for quantifying and documenting emission inventories, offsets and reduction credits address many pieces of the emissions quantification puzzle but have a number of limitations including:  multiple standards to choose from for the same application, lack of integration among the standards, limited coverage of emission types, limited geographic scope, limited openness and transparency and limited practicality for many potential users. As a result of these limitations, it is difficult for potential users to know how to engage in the emissions marketplace effectively, how to use the available standards and how to be recognized and rewarded for emissions reduction activities. It is also difficult for consumers to keep track of what emission reduction and offset claims from different sources really mean.
The American National Standard LEO-5000 for
Emissions Inventories, Offsets, Reduction Credits and TAGs Standard:

  • Provides a means for inventorying the emissions caused by organizations, families and individuals, including products, services, events, travel, and other emissions sources
  • Tracks emission reductions resulting from pollution sequestration, renewable energy, energy efficiency projects and other emission reduction measures
  • Documents the emission offsets generated and procured by organizations, families and individuals
  • Encompasses a multi-pollutant approach that covers and awards credit for reducing the full range of emission types
  • Applies to a broad range of geographic regions
  • Is practical for both end users and the marketplace and an effective driver for environmental improvement

The American National Standard LED-5000 for Emissions Inventories, Reduction Credits and Offsets Standard: meets the following needs:

  • For Building Owners:  Provides a means to calculate the emission reduction credits resulting from energy efficiency measures and recognize and reward the environmental benefits of these and similar actions
  • For Automobile Buyers:  Provides a means to calculate the emission reductions of high efficiency vehicles and reward the purchaser for the emission reductions delivered over the life of the vehicle
  • For Forest Owners: Provides a framework for documenting annual credits for carbon sequestration in existing well-managed forests
  • For Organizations:  Provides a credible framework for inventorying the emissions created by the organization’s events, products, or business actions and a credible means of offsetting these emissions

E Emissions Standard Stakeholders

  • Building owners and managers
  • Manufacturers
  • Transportation companies
  • Retail stores and chains
  • Energy utilities
  • Energy efficiency product and service providers
  • Renewable energy product and service providers
  • Industrial process improvement product and service providers
  • Emission reduction product and service providers
  • Environmental organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Other interested parties

Important Dates

  • ANSI Standard Development Process Announced (PINS):  June 23, 2006
  • Standard Approved by ANSI as an American National Standard: August 8, 2011

Use this Standard:
If you would like to use the LEO-5000 emissions standard, please contact Leonardo Academy at:
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