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Leonardo Academy Sustainability Services for Walmart Suppliers

Leonardo Academy provides comprehensive sustainability services:
That help Walmart suppliers address the sustainability issues raised in:

  • Initial Walmart sustainability survey questions and
  • Follow up sustainability questions sent to suppliers in December 2009

Leonardo Academy: We are the Sustainability Experts® and we can help Walmart suppliers:

  • Respond to  Walmart’s sustainability questions to each supplier
  • Implement the sustainability actions that will support  a lot of “yes” answers to the questions
  • Get ahead of the curve by implementing sustainability actions beyond what Walmart is asking about now.

Leonardo Academy can help your company:

  • Energy Use:
    • Inventory energy use
    • Identify and document past and current energy use reduction actions and programs
    • Identify additional energy use reduction actions and programs  
    • Develop energy use reduction strategies and targets
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Climate
    • Inventory  greenhouse gas emissions and make results public
    • Report greenhouse gas emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project
    • Develop a greenhouse gas emission reduction and offset strategy
    • Develop and announce greenhouse gas emission reduction targets
  • Material Efficiency: Reducing Solid Waste
    • Inventory  solid waste and set up an ongoing solid waste tracking system
    • Identify and document company  initiatives to recover, re-use, or re-sell byproducts
    • Identify additional source reduction, reuse and recycling options for reducing solid waste
    • Develop and announce practical solid waste reduction actions and targets
  • Material Efficiency: Reducing Water Use
    • Inventory water use
    • Set up an ongoing water use tracking system
    • Identify and document company  initiatives to reduce water use
    • Develop strategies for additional water use reductions
    • Develop and announce practical water use reduction targets
  • LEED® Sustainable Buildings
    • Develop company policies on implementing LEED actions for its new and existing buildings
    • Carry out LEED gap analysis for your existing buildings
    • Implement LEED-EB and LEED-NC for you buildings
  • Employee Commuting Emission Reduction Programs
    • Identify and document actions that have been taken to reduce employee commuting emissions
  • Ozone depletion reduction
    • Identify and document any actions taken to reduce or eliminate use of substances that deplete Ozone that merit earning various 3rd party certifications for your products (Kosher, Organic, etc.)
    • Get on the path to earning 3rd party certifications that are useful for your markets
  • Your Supplier’s Sustainability
    • Establish and implement sustainability purchasing guidelines for your direct suppliers
  • Other Sustainability Actions
    • Identify and document other sustainability initiatives underway
    • For more information contact Leonardo Academy:
      • Tel 608-280-0255, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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