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World Bank LEED-EB GoldLEED Project Overview:

The “J” Building, constructed in 1986, is a 488,000 square foot office building and landmark book store located in downtown Washington, D.C. The building is owned by The World Bank and managed by internal staff. The property management team and the building owner were motivated to expand and highlight the already "green" components and management practices of the facility.  The LEED for Existing Buildings Gold level score of 69 provided a recognizable metric for showcasing The World Bank’s sustainable practices.  

The Leonardo Academy performed a brief assessment of The World Bank J-Buildings potential to meet LEED-EB requirements at varying certification levels. It was determined the building would strive for LEED Gold certification with Leonardo Academy providing consulting services. The LEED-EB O+M implementation effort began in September 2010. The project had a four-month performance period that lasted from September 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010. The building was awarded LEED-EB O+M v2009 Gold Certification in June 2011.

Key Project Information

Project Title: World Bank - J Building
Building Type: Office Building
Building Size: 488,000 Square Feet
Initial Implementation Cost (Hard and Soft): NA
LEED Status: LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance — Gold 2011

Through staff education and outreach, the property management team develops multiple campaigns to help raise awareness of and participation in the sustainable actions being implemented. The management team is committed to continually monitoring and improving operational performance going forward.


  • Energy Star rating of 83, which correlates to a 34% reduction in emissions compared to the average building
  • Tracked, recorded and reported greenhouse gas emissions generated by the project building and associated grounds through Leonardo Academy’s Cleaner and Greener® program
  • Implemented a green cleaning program in the building with contracted assistance from P & R Enterprises
  • Diversion of 100% of the building’s durable goods and 65% of ongoing consumable waste stream through a revised waste reduction and recycling program
  • Reduced potable water used for plumbing fixtures by 32% from the baseline
  • Maintains performance of core building systems that optimizes human comfort and health with minimal energy consumption
  • Implemented programs that increased occupant interest and involvement in environmental aspects of building operation and demonstrated a 59% reduction in conventional SOV commuting trips

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