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Project Overview: 

Diversey Inc. is a leading global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions, serving building service contractors as well as customers in the lodging, food service, retail, health care and food and beverage sectors. With sales into more than 160 countries, Diversey provides customers worldwide with the products, solutions, and expertise to make their facilities the safest and cleanest in the world. JohnsonDiversey has made a commitment to the ongoing development of products and programs that earn environmental certification, environmentally responsible manufacturing, engagement in global environmental dialogue, and leadership in new sustainable programs such as LEED-EB.

Diversey’s global headquarters, located in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, is a three-story mixed-use facility constructed in 1997. The building floor area is 277,440 square feet, of which 70% is office space and 30% is research laboratories. The building was designed based on green-building principles, including high-energy efficiency, extensive use of natural lighting, and individual control of workspace environments. Because it was built with sustainability in mind, applying LEED-EB to the building was primarily a matter of fine-tuning the building’s operations practices and improving the documentation of existing sustainable practices. The Diversey Global Headquarters was certified LEED-EB Gold in March, 2004.

Key Project Information

Project Title: Diversey Global Headquarters
Project Location: Sturtevant, Wisconsin
Building Type: Mixed Use Office and R&D Facility – 277,440 sq. ft.
Initial Implementation Cost: $73,400
Annual Net Savings: $137,320
ROI: Return on investment (ROI): 0.5 years
LEED Status: LEED for Existing Buildings – Gold (2004)
“LEED-EB certification has helped us identify significant cost savings as well as opportunities to reduce the environmental impacts of our building operations,” says Stu Carron, Director of Global Facilities and Real Estate for Diversey


Participating in LEED-EB and achieving LEED-EB certification has produced a number of benefits for Diversey:

  • Energy savings exceed $90,000 per year.
  • Use of collected stormwater for turfgrass irrigation reduces potable water use by 2-4 million gallons per year.
  • Over 50% of site-generated solid waste is recycled.
  • Renewed focus on integrated pest management and green cleaning.
  • Individual environment controls (air flow, temp, acoustics and lighting) significantly increase occupant comfort, virtually eliminate hot/cold calls to maintenance, and allow for general building zone temperature range to exceed normal building comfort ranges thereby resulting in additional energy savings.
  • Occupant interest and involvement in environmental aspects of building operation have increased.

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