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Project Overview:

The 1333 Broadway Building is a 10-Story, 249,455 square foot structure which is primarily used as a mixed-use office building. The location of the building is in the Downtown City Center Area of Oakland, California. The building has been continuously occupied since it was constructed in 1972. The building is one of a number of office buildings that comprise the Oakland City Center and share an extensive network of terraced walkways, escalators, and retail with direct access to the Oakland City Center BART station. The total gross square footage of the project is 249,455 and there are no on-site parking areas. The retail space, consisting of 20,266 square feet, was not included in the project.

Leonardo Academy, a nonprofit sustainability organization, was hired to perform an assessment in May of 2009 to determine the feasibility of pursuing LEED certification. CIM’s goal was to earn Certified-level of certification. It was determined that this level of certification was achievable and the prep-work prior to beginning a performance period started at the end of 2009. Most credits have a performance period of June 1 to September 10, 2010; however there are credits with earlier start dates and one with an ending date of October 7, 2010.

Key Project Information

Project Title: 1333 Broadway 
Building Type: Office Building
Building Size: 249,455 Square Feet
Initial Implementation Cost (Hard and Soft): $48,282
LEED Status: LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance — Silver 2011

With an ideal location within bus and metro stops, the project team worked together successfully and effectively to track and document efforts for alternative commuting transportation at 1333 Broadway resulting in the project earning all 15 points in LEED-EB O+M, 2009 Version.


  • Earned all 15 points for alternative commuting, plus one additional regional priority credit
  • Implemented a green cleaning program in the building, resulting in an 84% compliant purchasing rate for cleaning products
  • Achieved an ENERGY STAR score of 83, making them eligible for the ENERGY STAR Label
  • Diverted 59% of the building’s waste stream through a revised waste reduction and recycling program, earning one additional point for regional priority
  • Earned four points for ongoing commissioning efforts and the implementation of energy use reduction strategies
  • Tracked, recorded and reported greenhouse gas emissions generated by the project building and associated grounds through Leonardo Academy’s Cleaner and Greener® program

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