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La Crosse State BuildingProject Overview:

The La Crosse State Office Building, constructed in 1960, is a 45,510 square foot office building located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The building is owned by The State of Wisconsin and managed by the Department of State Facilities and Department of Administration (DOA). The DOA team was motivated to highlight the already "green" components and management practices of the facility.  LEED for Existing Buildings provided a recognizable metric for showcasing the La Crosse Building’s sustainable practices. 

DOA contracted with Leonardo Academy in February of 2010 to perform a LEED Assessment to explore what would be needed to meet the LEED-EB requirements at varying certification levels. After much consideration, it was determined the building would strive for LEED Silver certification with Leonardo Academy providing consulting services. The LEED-EB implementation effort began in May 2010. The project had a three-month performance period that lasted from March 1, 2011 to May 31, 2011. The building was awarded LEED-EB: O+M v2009 Gold Certification.

Key Project Information

Project Title: La Crosse State Office Building
Project Location: La Crosse, WI
Building Type: Office Building
Building Size:  45,510 Sq. Ft.
LEED Status: LEED-EB O+M Gold Certification – 2011

"Going through the LEED certification process led to the creation of a green building team that has helped in planning and implementing natural native plantings on the vast green space within the LEED project boundary. With the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as one of the tenants, many of the building occupants are well educated on native plantings and creating natural landscapes."

Participating in LEED-EB and achieving LEED-EB Gold certification has produced a number of benefits:

  • ENERGY STAR score of 96, achieving 18 points in LEED-EB and making the building eligible for the ENERGY STAR label
  • Tracked, recorded and reported greenhouse gas emissions generated by the project building and associated grounds through Leonardo Academy’s Cleaner and Greener® program
  • Earned all five points under WEc3 for use of non-potable water for 100% of irrigation needs
100% of cleaning products and janitorial paper products purchased during the performance period met the green cleaning credit requirements, and 87% of the cleaning equipment used met credit requirements

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