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The before and after photos highlight the dramatic transformation of UW-Whitewater's Carlson Hall The building went through a major renovation of its interior, exterior, and all building systems. Opening up the building with a glass and metal façade addition brings light into Previously dark areas of the building. And updating the building included updating the name – Carlson Hall's name has now been renamed Laurentide Hall, to keep with the glacial inspired nomenclature of recent campus buildings.


laurentideLeonardo Academy provides LEED administration services for architects, building managers, property managers and building owners. We provide comprehensive LEED administrative services for your LEED projects. We work seamlessly with your team. Let our LEED team be part of your team.

The benefit of our extensive experience and on staff architect, is the ability to provide LEED Adminstration consulting services and guidance from design through construction and operation. As an example, we offer pre-design charette services to identify and prioritize strategies and best practices that best meet clients needs and LEED requirements. We don't just check off LEED credits, but review each project from various perspectives as to the viability of each credit.

We have a reputation of being able to seamlessly work in a cooperative manner with a client's design team. We know how to work well with others and can blend into the back ground as needed. 

Below is a partial list of services for LEED Administration. The scope of services varies depending on the project/ building and LEED certification level sought.

  • Review the design for LEED certification feasability
  • Identify the appropriate LEED rating system
  • Identify prerequisites and credits the project has achieved and clarify what needs to be done where non compliance is an issue
  • Identify and outline what needs to be done for additional credits
  • Identify Innovation in Design Credits
  • Create a task matrix that identifies key players and their responsibilities as relates to LEED design and certification
  • Provide support and assisstance in understanding LEED credit requirements
  • Provide support to key team members in preparing submittal forms
  • Guide and manage the project team throughout the entire process
  • Managed the LEED Online process
  • QC of submittals as requested
  • Assist the team in responding to comments during the review process 

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