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Webinar Series on the Draft National Sustainable Agriculture Standard (ANSI/LEO-4000) PDF Print E-mail
Press Release

(Madison, WI, January 30, 2013) - Leonardo Academy, a charitable organization that develops national voluntary standards, announced a webinar series on the National Sustainable Agriculture Standard (ANSI/LEO-4000 - Public Comment Draft).  The webinars will be presented once a week and then posted on the Leonardo Academy web site for on demand viewing. 


About the Standard:

The ground-breaking standard, developed through the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) open, multi-stakeholder process, provides voluntary guidance and opportunities for recognition for producers interested in or engaged in sustainable crop production.  Producers, manufacturers and processors, distributors and retailers can all use the standard to specify sustainability in their purchasing and their sales.

LEO-4000 Standard is will help users navigate the increasingly confusing range of proprietary sustainability labels, specifications, information requests, and guides for agricultural products. It is a comprehensive sustainability standard that provides a stable and reliable platform for producers to use in documenting and communicating their sustainability achievements while demonstrating compliance with other sustainability requirements and remaining flexible to meet the diverse needs of agriculture.

The draft standard can be downloaded at:

To submit public comments, please request a public comment form from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To learn more about Leonardo Academy please click a linkbelow:


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