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Project Overview: 
LEED certification first became a goal of the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) in 2008. The Project Team assessed several buildings within the DOA portfolio using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool selecting the State Agriculture Building as their first building for LEED certification. The State Agriculture Building, constructed in 1994, is an 118,000 square foot office building located in Madison, Wisconsin. The building houses the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP). DOA contracted with Leonardo Academy to provide consulting services, and the LEED-EB implementation effort began in April 2008. The project had a six-month performance period that lasted from October 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009. The building earned Silver certification in November of 2009. State Agriculture Secretary Rod Nilsestuen unveiled the LEED-EB plaque during a ceremony at the DATCP building on Earth Day, April 22. According to Nilsestuen, the facility is the first state office building to receive this certification.

Key Project Information

Project Title: Wisconsin State Agriculture Building
Project Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Building Type: Office Building
Size: 118,000 square feet
Initial Implementation Cost: $14,343
Annual Net Savings: $4,125
Simple Return on investment: 3.5 years
LEED Status: LEED for Existing Buildings – Silver 2009
The State Agriculture Building is the first building in DOA’s portfolio to go through the LEED-EB certification process. Throughout the process, DOA has been using the lessons learned about the State Agriculture Building to guide future certification efforts for other buildings in the DOA portfolio.

Participating in LEED-EB and achieving LEED-EB certification has produced a number of benefits for DOA:

  • Achieved an Energy Star rating of 82 points, making them eligible for the Energy Star Label
  • Mandated the use of 100% green cleaning products in the building and on the grounds
  • Offset 25.5% of the building’s annual energy usage through participation in MG&E’s Green Power Tomorrow program
  • Documented reductions of 871 metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions through Leonardo Academy's Cleaner & Greener Program
  • Installed water fixture flush valve diaphragms and aerators and discontinued use of their irrigation system, resulting in a 54% reduction in water use and an annual savings of 757,724 gallons (more than an Olympic sized swimming pool)

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