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Leonardo Academy’s vision for World Green is to fundamentally transform the way we think about sustainability by providing a forum for sharing information and working together on green actions.

World Green is a unique online sustainable community created to help social entrepreneurs on all levels develop and communicate the impact of their green actions. By providing a forum for the discussion of environmentally sustainable materials, reduction of negative environmental impacts and increased energy efficiency, Leonardo Academy extends its knowledgebase freely to the public. Leonardo Academy also emphasizes designs and materials that safeguard the health of residents and locations.

World Green is designed to help companies, investors, builders and home owners make the transition to a greener future and a sustainable living standard.

Why it’s Important:

  • Governments, legislation and regulation can and should do their part to make the World Green.
  • Ultimately, to make the World Green, society (companies, organizations, government entities, families and individuals) need to take personal responsibility for greening all the parts of the world we touch.

How it Works:

  • Leonardo Academy’s World Green community:
    • Provides an online interactive worldwide community to:
      • Tell the world what you are doing to make the World Green
      • Share Leonardo Academy's knowledge of green with you and your peers as well as share your knowledge with us of ways to make the World Green.
    • Uses periodic positive awareness campaigns on particular topics, events and issues to promote awareness of Green Actions implemented.
    • Increases participation in Leonardo Academy’s World Green community so we can all work together to increase the Green Actions implemented to make the World Green.

Posting Information on Green Actions:

  • World Green encourages its members to post information on what they are doing to help make the World Green. This provides a free forum for networking and resources to tell the world about their Green Actions.

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