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Transportation and Engine Environmental Services PDF Print E-mail

Grants for Transportation and Engine Emissions Reduction Actions
Leonardo Academy helps owners reduce emissions by identifying applicable grant opportunities, preparing and submitting grant applications, and administering the implementation of these grants.

Compliance Requirements and Voluntary Initiatives
LEO will compile information from regulatory agencies governing vehicle transportation and logistics. Information may include anti-idling laws, emission regulations, as well as air quality goals for specific states or jurisdictions.

Emission Reduction Technologies
LEO will research available CARB or EPA-verified emission reduction technologies that address both SmartWay Transport Partnership strategies and the objectives of our partners.

LEO will facilitate fleets with specific financing options to purchase, upgrade and/or install new technologies. Financing may include leases, purchases, lease guarantees, grants, tax credits and manufacturer rebates. LEO will strive to match customers with optimal financing solutions based on location and type of operations.

Installation Contracting & Coordination
LEO will coordinate installation with qualified vendors and installers for leased equipment. LEO will require quality workmanship and manufacturer certification of participating installers.

Administration, Monitoring, Testing, Certification & Reporting
LEO will verify the use and operation after the sale to ensure program objectives and grant requirements are met.

Cleaner and Greener® Sustainable Transporation Recognition Program
This program recognizes voluntary efforts and strategies by fleet operators and organizations that actively seek to reduce the emissions from their diesel vehicles and equipment. For more infromation visit:


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