Sustainable Transportation and Equipment
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Sustainable Transportation Services

Over $24 Million in Grants Secured for Our Partners!

Leonardo Academy’s Sustainable Transportation and Equipment Program works proactively to advance the sustainable transportation of persons and goods throughout the country. This program is designed to move the transportation industry and employers toward higher performance in the areas where transportation has the greatest impacts: access, climate, energy, ecological function, integrated planning and costs.

This is achieved through:

  • Co-operative partnerships with state, regional and national coalitions
  • Relevant and timely research (ANSI process support for the development of a standard for sustainable transportation)
  • Projects (EPA-DERA, CARB, TERP, Pennsylvania DEQ)
  • The communication and dissemination of balanced information
  • The monitoring and supporting of sustainable transportation activities

Program Goals

  • Secure grants for partners to support emission reduction projects for on and off road vehicles and equipment, construction equipment, stationary engines and alternative fuel fueling stations.
  • Create a repository of credible information on sustainable transportation.
  • Educate and raise awareness on the need for sustainable transportation through our newsletters and outreach materials for interested parties and transportation professionals and through participation at seminars and conferences.
  • Fill gaps through research and/or compliance by developing a consensus based standard on sustainable transportation using American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved procedures to generate hard information and analysis needed by senior level public and private sector decision makers. This includes developing and testing public policy instruments which can be used to move toward more sustainable transportation systems, including performance measurements.
  • Provide leadership in strategic directions on areas such as on measures in achieving Wisconsin Clean Diesel Coalition (WCDC) and Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative (MCDI) targets in the transportation sector, workforce transition, freight transportation industry, labeling and certification “legacy fleet” of diesel engines.

Over $24 Million in Grants Secured for Our Partners!
Leonardo Academy helps our partners reduce transportation, equipment and engine emissions by:

  • Identifying applicable grant programs for emission reduction projects equipment including equipment owners, on and off road vehicles and equipment, construction equipment, stationary engines and alternative fuel fueling stations
  • Preparing and submits the grant applications
  • Administering the implementation of these grants

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