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Valley Ridge - Native Vegitation CreditsNative Vegetation Credits
LEED EB lets you use onsite or offsite native vegetation to earn points. We can provide you with offsite native vegetation for these LEED credits. You can earn LEED-EB points for Reduced Site Disturbance for your building with off-site native vegetation on Leonardo Academy’s Valley Ridge Preserve.  Your company’s payment for maintenance of off-site native vegetation will help support Leonardo Academy’s work on advancing sustainability.    

Valley Ridge Preserve can be used to earn Reduced Site Disturbance credits for all three versions of LEED-EB:

  • LEED-EB v2.0 Credit 4 (2 credit points & 1 innovation point)
  • LEED-EB: O&M 2008 Credit 5 (1 credit point & 1 innovation point)
  • For LEED-EB: O&M 2009 Credit 5 (1 credit point & 1 innovation point)

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For more information about how to obtain native vegetation offsets for LEED-EB credit, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Description of Valley Ridge Preserve
Valley Ridge Preserve is a 145-acre parcel located in the rolling hills of Richland County, Wisconsin.  Leonardo Academy is working to restore the preserve lands to native woodland, oak savanna and prairie vegetation over time and to use the property as a demonstration area modeling sustainable land management practices for other land owners. Valley Ridge Preserve is a research, demonstration, and education site for sustainable land management practices. It was generously donated to Leonardo Academy in January 2008. More than three quarters of the farm is woodlands, savannah and native vegetation. The remainder is composed of former farm fields that are being restored to native prairie vegetation gradually as funding becomes available.   


  • Inventory all vegetation and natural communities at the Preserve including prairie remnants and large oaks and walnuts.
  • Restore and maintain oak savanna and prairie vegetation in all suitable areas.
  • Identify and control non-native invasive plant species.
  • Maintain a sustainable land management plan that integrates sustainable land management practices with participation in the government Managed Forest Law (MFL) and Conservation Reserve (CRP) programs.
  • Provide a variety of ecological restoration and land management experiences for Leonardo Academy sustainability interns.
  • Develop a program of undergraduate and graduate student research projects on the farm.
  • Develop sustainability educational materials for K-12 using the Preserve as workshop.

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